Silverton Sharks – Cary City Invitational

Cary City Invitational Meet

The Silverton participates in the CARY CITY Invitational meet usually held on the Saturday before the last swim meet. The event rotates locations every year between Scottish Hills and Cary Swim Club. This year the date is Saturday, July 9th and will be held at Scottish Hills. Please see the Silverton Shark Swimtopia website for more information.

What is an invitational meet?

Invitational meets are an opportunity to gather several Triangle-area swim clubs at one pool. For all swim clubs invited, registration is open to all team members. Typically these events are structured as follows:

  • Each swimmer may swim in up to 3 individual events and 2 relays (6-and-unders may only swim 2 individual events)
  • Six-and-under must swim the entire 25 yards.
  • The day is split into halves; 10-and-under typically swim in the morning while 11-and-ups swim in the afternoon.

The coaches hope that every swimmer will participate and support the team.

Bring all the things you would typically bring to a regular dual meet. There will be poster-making sessions during the week leading up to the meet as well as our Pasta Pump Up Night to get everyone pumped and ready to race.  The team rents a large tent and a good time will be had by all.

As with all meets, relays will be chosen by the coaching staff. The composition and order of relays are subject to change by the coaching staff during the course of the meet as situations may necessitate. Any special circumstances which call for partial participation in the invitational meet should be discussed in writing with the coaching staff well in advance. Those who attend their entire session will be given preference for relays in situations when warranted.

Please plan on signing up! This meet is a great opportunity to get best times and engage in friendly competition with a wide-range of swimmers. Let’s work together to continue strong involvement in this community-building endeavor.

Every Swimmer COUNTS!!! Come out and enjoy the fun.