Silverton Sharks Swim Team: Practice and Meet Schedule

Silverton Sharks Swim Team will hold practices and events at MOR at Silverton. Registration is now available.

Practices will start Monday, May 22 for ALL 6 and unders at 6 PM and ALL NEW swimmers at 6:30 PM. (Evaluations).

Practice will start on Tuesday, May 23 for ALL swimmers.

Shark Practice Schedule

Schools IN

11 and UP:        4:50 – 6:00
6 and Unders:  5:50 – 6:30
7-8:                      6:20 – 7:15
9-10:                    7:05 – 8:00

Schools OUT – AM     (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) 

11 and Up:       8:50 – 10:00
6 and Under:   9:50 – 10:30
7-10:                10:20 – 11:30

Schools OUT – PM  (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

11 and UP:        4:50 – 6:00
6 and Unders:  5:50 – 6:30
7-10:                   6:20 – 7:30

* First 10 minutes of each practice will be for taking swimmer attendance, stretching, dry land and generally organizing the swimmers.

Beginning the week of June 13th, there will be NO practice Wed mornings – everyone should try and come to the Tuesday AM practice to work on relays for the meet. Please do not come to more than one practice per day.
Swimmers will be assigned to lanes based on their abilities determined at the beginning of the season. They may be changed through the year as their strokes improve, by the coaches. Please emphasis to your child that they are required to stay in their assigned lane during practice.  AM & PM practices should have the same practice routines. When we change on June 13th, please understand we need to know who is coming to which practice in advance so you will need to commit to AM or PM practice.  We know life changes so if you need to change your practice session that is play.

Meet Schedule  (WIP)

June 6: Time Trials
June 13: HOME
June 22: AWAY
June 29: AWAY    
July 6:  AWAY 
July 13: HOME
July 20: HOME


Our End of the Season Banquet is Friday July 21.


You can visit our Facebook Page for more information.