Silverton Sharks – Meet Information/Weather Policy/Meet Absences

Dual meets are a lot of fun, but can be confusing to a new swimmer. Here are some helpful tips for newcomers.

Warm-ups are at 5:00 pm for home meets and 5:30 pm for away meets. Swimmers are expected at the pool a half an hour BEFORE warm ups – This would be 4:30 pm for home meets and 5:00 for away meets.

At home, please have a parent write your number on your arms and back if at all possible. Numbers will remain the same all season. Numbers will be sent out via REMIND before the first meet. We will also try to post the file on our FB page.

When you first arrive at the pool, report to your age group area.  The coaches will let you know when you can enter the pool for warm-ups.  Meets are hectic, so be sure you are on time and paying attention so you do not miss your chance to warm up.

 Tips for Parents: Bring lawn chairs. Pool chairs at home meets are stacked to make more room on the pool deck. Policies vary at other pools so a chair for you is always a good idea.  Other items to bring include: towels, caps, T-shirts, drinks, snacks, sweats (it can get chilly when the sun goes down), games, cards and/or other small items to keep your swimmer occupied in between their events. Most pools have concessions in case you don’t have time to pack dinner. Our meets can be lengthy due to the large number of swimmers on our team (and on our opponents’ teams). Our main objective is to let every swimmer have the opportunity to swim an event. Please be patient and try to understand that our first and primary goal this swim season is to let the swimmers have fun and allow them to participate in each meet.

For HOME meets: Our swim team serves concessions that normally consist of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Chick-Fil-A. We also have soda, water, gatorade, slushies, candy, and desserts that families donate for each meet.

For AWAY meets: The hosting team normally sends out an email to our TSA reps before the meet. We will share that email on FB and REMIND. The email usually tells us 1) where our team will be sitting on or off the pool deck (depending on the size of their facility); 2) what, if any, concessions they will be serving; 3) parking information for their facility/neighborhood; 4) any other important information that parents/swimmers need to know


Weather Policy

Rain alone is not grounds for delaying or rescheduling a meet (or a practice). Please show up at the meet at the proper time even if it seems that weather may, in some way, impact the event. Every attempt is made to run a meet on the scheduled date because of inconvenience to the host club and staff to reschedule the following night, and the difficulty in getting swimmers and workers back due to conflict with other activities. This results in massive changes in the lineup – and possibly the outcome!

The presence of lightning and/or thunder results in a 30-minute delay from the last occurrence. The TSA representatives, from both teams, make decisions on delays or rescheduling based on when, during the meet, the storms occur, and the current weather information available for the remainder of the evening.  It is very important that you wait for the decision from the TSA reps, give them a chance to make the decision, it will be in the best interest and for the safety of everyone. 

Postponed meets will usually be made up the following day (i.e. Wednesday for a Tuesday meet) unless a different date is chosen by the TSA representatives

In the event of thunder or lightening everyone must MOVE OFF the deck away from the water.  This is for your safety.

Meet Absences

If your swimmer must miss a meet, leave early, or not swim a specific stroke, please sign up on the Sign-Up Genius. You must do this PER meet. The link can be found on REMIND or the FB page. The coaches need this information by the Sunday prior to the scheduled meet. If you find out late that your child cannot attend, please contact a coach as soon as possible. Request a confirmation from them to make sure they received it. If you do not receive one by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, please text Susan with ALL the information needed. If it is after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, please notify Chris Snow immediately if you will not be able to attend.

The scoring system of competitive swimming is based on individual events. Each swimmer is entered in the events prior to the actual start of the meet. Numerous forms are completed, copied, and distributed to meet officials of both involved teams. The coach’s line-ups are building blocks. If your child is a no-show or leaves early without signing out, it affects not only the individual events that the swimmer was placed in, but also can put relays, which other children are part of, in jeopardy. Please be respectful of your teammates.