MOR Capital Campaign

Need for more lane space

While MOR’s success has led to growth from 300 to 600 swimmers in the past 10 years, the amount of available pool space has been reduced by the City of Raleigh at Optimist, Millbrook, and Pullen Aquatic Center. In addition, NC State has reduced pool availability.

Vision and commitment

In the summer of 2016, MOR was approached by Greenway Club in North Raleigh to sign a 15 year lease on the Greenway Club pool where WEC partners would purchase a fabric structure erected from mid- September through Mid-May. MOR would have 24/7 access during this time as well as prior to 9am in the summer.
In the Spring of 2016 MOR was approached by H2O Ventures which was in the process of purchasing Silverton Swim Club in Cary to sign a 15 year lease to use the pool. Summer 2017 H2O completed an extensive renovation. MOR would purchase the tent structure and would have 24/7 access from Labor Day to Mid-May as well as prior to 9am in the summer. The Tent structure would remain in place all year with the sides coming down in the summer. MOR is having a Capital Campaign. With the growing number of swimmers and the lack of available pools to practice in, MOR has partnered with Silverton and Greenway. 

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