Silverton Shark – Volunteer Positions and Position Descriptions

Parent Volunteer Requirements

Competitive swimming is an involved sport that requires a tremendous amount of parental support.  Each family must volunteer for 4 volunteer positions. By being a volunteer, you show support for our team and also have fun.  It requires 50+ parent volunteers to operate a home meet (less for an away meet). These positions require little, if any swim team experience. If you cannot fulfill a commitment, please find a suitable replacement. Simply failing to show up at a meet causes havoc. Please respect that volunteer coordinators in charge of these functions have busy lives too. Volunteering at Time Trials does NOT count towards this commitment. The Sign Up Genius link will be published on REMIND and the FB page.

Swim Meet – Job Descriptions

Clerk of CourseTime: 5:40-End of meet Helps the swimmers line up as the coaches have assigned them. If a swimmer in the main events swims out of his or her heat or in the wrong lane, he or she is automatically disqualified. Each team is responsible for one clerk of course per meet. This job can be shared.

AnnouncerTime: 5:40-End of meet The only requirement is a good voice and a thorough understanding of the order of events. One announcer per home swim meet.

Place JudgesTime: 5:40-End of meet There are six place judges for each meet and they only judge the main events. The judges determine the 1st through 6th place swimmers and handle any disputes about how the swimmers place. Each team provides three place judges per meet.

TimersTime:1st shift: 5:40-End of backstroke; 2nd shift: approx. 7:15-End of meet Timer is responsible for recording the swimmers’ time. We need 4-6 timers per shift depending on pool lanes.

Heat Ribbon DistributorsTime: 6:15-End of 9-10 Butterfly These individuals hand out heat winner and participant ribbons to the swimmers 10 & under who did not swim in the Main Events. We need 2 per home meet.

RecorderTime: 5:40-End of meet Records the places in the main events and submits the record to the official scoring table. We need one recorder for each home meet. Recorder works with the Place Judges. 

RunnerTime: 5:40-End of meet Watch the stroke and turn judges and deliver DQ slips and main heat sheets to the scorers’ table. We need two volunteers per home meet.

ScorerTime: 5.40-End of meet Responsible for recording the swimmers times, placements, DQs and keeping a running tally of the points per team. One per meet.

Ribbon WritersTime: 6:00-End of meet These individuals take the place information from the scorer and record it onto the ribbons. We need two volunteers for every meet. For Home meets with distribute the ribbons. For Away meets we only write out the ribbons.

StarterTime: 5.40-End of meet Starts the races by running the starter equipment. One per home meet. THIS IS A TRAINED POSITION. DO NOT VOLUNTEER UNLESS YOU ARE TRAINED

Stroke and Turn JudgesTime: 5.40-End of meet These judges watch the swimmers and determine if they are properly swimming each stroke. They are required to attend an annual Stroke and Turn Clinic. Each team provides one per meet. DO NOT volunteer unless you have received the annual training. 

HospitalityTime: 6.15-End of Breaststroke Provides water to coaches and volunteers, who cannot leave their posts during the swim meet. One per home meet. We service both teams during the meet.

Kid Pushers – Involves chaperoning a specific age group at the meets and getting the swimmers to the Clerk of Course when called.
6&under KP’s: 6.00-End of 6&under Breaststroke Two per gender per meet.
7-8 KP’s: 5.40-End of 7-8 Free Relay Three per gender per meet.
9-10 KP’s: 5.40-End of 9-10 Free Relay Two per gender per meet.

Meet Set UpTime: Must be at the pool by 4.00-Takes approx 20 mins Requires lifting. Each volunteer must also do Hospitality, Fundraising or Meet Clean up. Stack deck chairs, place tables and chairs for Scorers and Ribbon Writers and chairs for swimmers waiting behind the blocks. Rope off official areas and set up flags. Four positions per home meet.

Concessions – Cook/Sell items for our concessions during home meets

Meet Clean upThis will be handled with ALL PARENTS AND SWIMMERS AT THE END OF EACH HOME MEET