Silverton Sharks – Dual Meet Schedules/Scoring

Meet Information

  1. Swimmers may participate in individual main events for their own age group only. A swimmer’s age is determined by his or her age on June 1 of the current TSA swim season. Swimmers do not change age groups during the TSA swim season. The age groups, distances, and strokes for individual main events shall be as follows, separately for boys and girls:

6&U           15 yards -free, back, breast
7&8            1 length of pool -free, back, breast, and fly
9 & 10        1 length of pool -free, back, breast, and fly
11 & 12      2 lengths of pool -free, back, breast, and fly
13 & 14      2 lengths of pool -free, back, breast, and fly
15 to 18     2 lengths of pool -free, back, breast, and fly

2. Rope finish lines shall be established for 6-and-under events. All other age groups shall swim from wall to wall, regardless of pool length.
3. Swimmers in the 6-and-under age group may swim in up to 2 individual main events. Swimmers in all other age groups may swim in up to 3 individual main heats. Swimmers may swim the 4th stroke but not in the main heat. Swimmers may participate in 2 relays per meet.
4. There is a medley relay main event and a free style relay main event separately for boys and girls in each age group, except for 6-and-under. Participation in relay shall not be included in the number of individual main events a swimmer may enter. A swimmer may participate in one medley relay event and one freestyle relay main event. Each swimmer in a relay will swim the same distance as swimmers in the individual main events for the age group.

5. Events shall be swum, alternating between boys and girls and starting with the youngest boys’ age group swimming in the event, in the following order:
        1. Medley Relay
        2. Free Stroke
        3. Backstroke
        4. Breast Stroke
        5. Butterfly
        6. Free Style Relay

Meets will start at 6:00 PM on Tuesday evenings. The inclement weather date will be the next day starting at 6:00 PM, unless an alternate day can be mutually agreed upon by the TSA representatives.

Meet Scoring

Six dual meets are scheduled during the season. Three of the six meets will be held at Silverton, and three of the meets will be held at other pools.

A dual meet consists of the following components:
                        Free & Medley Relays                                     Individual Strokes
1st place             5 points                                                                  5 points
2nd place            0 points                                                                  3 points
3rd place             0 points                                                                  1 point

In case of ties, the teams split the points

Scoring is done for main events only.

Ribbons for 1st through 6th place are distributed for main event swimmers/relay swimmers after the meet at practice. On the evening of the swim meets, heat winner ribbons are given to the first place swimmer for every heat for 10 and under. “Participation” ribbons are given to all swimmers 10 and under for all the stokes they swim. Note that our team philosophy is to encourage our swimmers to have fun, make individual improvements, and we do not emphasize ribbons and scoring.


Main Event Swimmers

The swimmers in the main events will be chosen at the “coach’s discretion.”
The decision will be based on the swimmers’ times. Consistency of times, performance at meets and practices, legality of stroke, and attitude will also be taken into consideration. The coaches and the swim team value the swimmers in every heat. Each swimmer is encouraged to have a personal Best Time.