Latest On Partnership Agreement With Scottish Hills

Updated 6-10-17

Silverton Families,
Here is latest update.
  • Pool chemicals are balanced and being kept at proper levels.
  • Baby pool is running and chemicals are at proper levels.
  • Deck furniture is out
  • Diving board stand has been installed.
  • Wake County health inspector came out Friday and passed just about everything. Still have a couple of things to do that have to be upgraded to new code due to new construction which are being worked on this weekend.
  • Swim meet on Tuesday will be at Scottish Hills Many thanks to them for hosting us.
  • Barrier has been put up between deck and clubhouse so work can continue.
Darryl Buda
Paul Silver

Updated 6-09-17

Silverton Families,

Great job at the Time Trials with Scottish Hills last night! Here’s a quick recap from Coach Tim:

Our swim team came out with a great showing at Time Trials last week! Even with little practice, the team showed great enthusiasm and promise. The coaches were greatly impressed with the team’s readiness to jump in and attack each event. We look forward to taking the next step in our season against Scottish Hills. Keep it up and GO SHARKS!

Latest pool updates:

  • Gates have been installed
  • Deck concrete work has been completed
  • New chairs purchased for the new outdoor bar area
  • Deck furniture has been put out.
  • Diving board is being installed.
  • Town issued permits for bath house and clubhouse renovations on Tuesday.

We are working as fast as possible to get the pool open and will continue to update you.


Darryl Buda

Paul Silver


Updated 5-29-17

Dear Silverton Families,

We have worked out a partnership agreement with Scottish Hills Recreation Club to provide a temporary place for our members to swim and a place for our swim team to practice until Silverton is able to open. We greatly appreciate Mr. Boston’s efforts and the Scottish Hills Recreation Club for working with us. Scottish Hills has an upper-limit on the number of family memberships they can have and with the addition of the Silverton families who have opted-in, we have been asked to cap our numbers.

As of Monday, 5/29, we cannot send any new members over to Scottish Hills for recreational swim. All new registrations will be added to a wait-list and will be contacted as soon as space is available. If you have children that would like to join the swim team, they would be able to swim with the Silverton Sharks for the duration of our agreement. Please, opt-in for the swim team even if you have been added to the membership wait-list. The Tarheel Swimming Association (summer league’s governing body) does have rules in place stating all swimmers need to be full paid members of their club.

Membership rates will be affected by our opening date.

The Scottish Hills Pool address is…

Scottish Hills Recreation Club

1423 Tarbert Drive
Cary, NC 27511

We have arranged a temporary membership that will give Silverton Swim Club members full membership Scottish Hills from May 27-June 11th. It is important that everyone read the Scottish Hills rules and be aware of them. Rules are attached to this email. Please review these as there are a few different policies. Example: All children under the age of nine (9) must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or child care provider who is fifteen (15) years of age or older. The parents must give written authorization for children to be accompanied by a childcare provider.

In addition, Scottish Hills is providing pool space for Sharks practices and will be including Silverton in their time trials on Tues. June 6th. Our scheduled home meet with Scottish Hills will be hosted at Scottish Hills on Tues. June 13th. Coach Tim will be sending out an email detailing the temporary practice schedule.

Opting In or Out

We are asking all members to Opt In or Out so we can give Scottish Hills an accurate membership list. Members will NOT be able to use the Scottish Hills pool unless they have opted-in.

Please note that we are asking you to opt in/out for your membership. If you have child(ren) on the swim team, please opt in/out for swim team participation at SHRC. There are no additional fees for opting in. Please opt in/out for your family and note any additional swimmers in the “notes” field.

Guest Pass Policy

Guest Passes are available for purchase at Scottish Hills from the front desk at the following rates…

-$4.00 any day
-$7.00 on 5/27 and 7/4

-$1.00 after 6:00pm on Fridays

Scottish Hills Recreation Club Pool Hours

We thank you for your patience and appreciate the generosity of Scottish Hills.


Darryl Buda